Why did we develop Veristo for you?

Why did we develop Veristo for you?

Since our launch two weeks ago, you’ve asked us why we developed Veristo.

It’s simple… we built the platform for you… because we are you.

As entrepreneurs, small business leaders, and freelancers, we have walked in your shoes and navigated the complexities of starting, growing, and managing small consulting services business and technology companies that rely on a combination of employees and an extended workforce of freelancers and contractors.

We’ve seen that traditional vendor management systems were too costly and too unwieldy.

We’ve seen that freelance marketplaces charge too much of a premium for access and limit the ways you can engage freelancers, which undermines your business.

We decided that you deserve a new platform to help you run your business the way you work – with the freedom and structure to get the right people to do the right work at the right time.

That’s why we developed Veristo.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll be blogging about how to manage an extended workforce, how to use Veristo, and occasionally less serious topics like how soccer (or football if you are in most of the world) imitates the small business world.

Stay tuned and feel free to let us know how to serve you better!