The Three C’s of Writing RFPs

The Three C’s of Writing RFPs

When writing a Request for Proposal (RFP), there are several key things to keep in mind. At Veristo, we call these items the three C’s for writing RFPs:  

  • Criteria 
  • Clarity
  • Communication 


With everything else you have going on, writing RFPs may seem daunting. Think of it this way: the RFP itself provides a guide for the response you require. Don’t overthink it. Write your RFP with the end result in mind, avoiding the need to request unnecessary information or add unnecessary steps, is just that – unnecessary.  


Clarity is paramount. If someone is reading your request and at the end has major, outstanding questions, you have failed yourself and the process. When writing RFPs, you need to state the required qualifications that meet your criteria clearly and concisely and in language everyone can understand. Remember, technical experts may not be your only audience so consider a glossary of terms or code key, and for heaven’s sake, keep the jargon to a minimum. 


In any prospecting process, communication is a must. Let’s be honest, sometimes our success is directly tied to the tools we are given. Create a process to keep everybody on the same page from timelines to deliverables – a dashboard including outstanding items required, deadline reminders and a personalized tracking mechanism just makes sense.  

Still vexed on getting started? Veristo can help. The tools Veristo provides allow you to use the platform as much or as little as needed, so you may use them generally, or to the letter. Using Veristo will help you create a better prospecting process, and that’s better business.