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By Aly G | Aug 19, 2019

When you’re older than Google®, it’s hard to remember (or understand) why you’re still beholden to archaic business practices. It’s time to break your bad business habits and move beyond the way “it’s always been done.” Here are 10 business myths and bad habits that are holding you back: Beholden to “always” – Just because …

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Writing RFPs

The Three C’s of Writing RFPs

By Aly G | Aug 16, 2019

When writing a Request for Proposal (RFP), there are several key things to keep in mind. At Veristo, we call these items the three C’s for writing RFPs:   Criteria  Clarity Communication  Criteria With everything else you have going on, writing RFPs may seem daunting. Think of it this way: the RFP itself provides a guide …

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081519 Productivity Blog

Productivity Killer: Determined to Download

By Aly G | Aug 15, 2019

As small business owners, we all share common challenges.  Sometimes managing the business gets in the way of productivity. From contracts to invoicing there are so many logistics in the day-to-day operation it is easy to feel overwhelmed.  Have you ever wondered why you are so eager to embrace the conveniences of technology and yet …

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More for Small Businesses and Freelancers to Love!

By Team Veristo | Jun 4, 2019

What’s the latest with Veristo? We’ve been making A LOT of changes to help freelancers and the small businesses that leverage an extended workforce get even more done, faster. For businesses – small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and large enterprises – we’ve added more cost-saving and time-saving tools and templates for freelancer and vendor management, including: …

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By Mark Wise | Mar 15, 2019

The idea of change is paramount to the Veristo team. If you follow our blog, you know we talk about it, a lot. As we listen to feedback from Veristo platform members, we work to the make the product better, ever evolving and always improving. In business today, the ability to easily revise a document …

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Startup Grind 2019

By Team Veristo | Feb 15, 2019

Veristo was selected by Startup Grind, powered by Google for Startups, as one of the top 60 startups inducted into the 2019 Global Class of Startups Program.  Our team was in Redwood, California, this week for the 2019 Startup Grind Global Conference as a member of the brand new Accelerate Community.

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Improved Dashboards

By Mark Wise | Feb 12, 2019

In the real world of business, the power to change can never be underestimated. The ability to listen and improve separates ideas and reality. For the Veristo team, this is an integral part of our cycle: We launch. We listen. We execute. This means our users have a truly integrated and flexible platform that works …

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New Year. Improved Veristo. Introducing Veristo Networks.

By Team Veristo | Jan 17, 2019

By now, you’ve shaken off the holiday season food coma and are running on all cylinders. So, what’s new this January with Veristo? Networks – with both controlled, private networks and open, public networks. What do the new Veristo Networks mean for you? More opportunity to work efficiently without additional costs. With the Veristo Network, …

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Why did we develop Veristo for you?

By Patrick Esposito | Nov 15, 2018

Since our launch two weeks ago, you’ve asked us why we developed Veristo. It’s simple… we built the platform for you… because we are you. As entrepreneurs, small business leaders, and freelancers, we have walked in your shoes and navigated the complexities of starting, growing, and managing small consulting services business and technology companies that …

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