Productivity Killer:  Determined to Download

Productivity Killer: Determined to Download

As small business owners, we all share common challenges.  Sometimes managing the business gets in the way of productivity. From contracts to invoicing there are so many logistics in the day-to-day operation it is easy to feel overwhelmed. 

Have you ever wondered why you are so eager to embrace the conveniences of technology and yet beholden to your old ways?  Why, for example, are you determined to download? 

You create files and download PDFs and then, maybe you print your downloads. Admit it, you do.  You actively seek new generation tools to streamline your process where documents live in the cloud (or on the platform) but you’re not using them properly. By doing so, you are adding steps to your process and compromising your productivity. 

The business of managing your business is not beholden to stacks of paper cluttering your desk. Stop acting like it is. 

A quick fix is finding a platform or cloud resource to effectively manage all of your paperwork in one place AND using that resource to share, modify, and archive. 

Technology is designed to work for you and increase productivity. Stop working against it!

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