Our Story



Our founding team of entrepreneurs at Mile Out Inc., which developed Veristo, have invested decades of their professional lives and many sleepless nights in starting, growing, and managing small consulting services businesses and technology companies (while doing some freelancing on the side to make ends meet) that rely on a combination of employees and an extended workforce.  (Does this story sound familiar to you?)

We always wondered why small business HR systems for engaging and managing team members that were employees were so readily available, but software platforms for engaging and managing teams of freelancers, contractors, and the contingent workers were either unavailable, too costly, or too unwieldy.

Leveraging our experiences in freelancing, consulting businesses, technology development businesses, government contracting and defense contracting, and banking and financial services, we set out to build a platform that would serve people like us – small business leaders, entrepreneurs, and freelancers.

The result? Veristo.

Veristo has delivered great operational efficiencies, time savings, and cost savings for our business. We trust Veristo will deliver the same benefits to you!