The idea of change is paramount to the Veristo team. If you follow our blog, you know we talk about it, a lot. As we listen to feedback from Veristo platform members, we work to the make the product better, ever evolving and always improving.

In business today, the ability to easily revise a document (even a contract), is often as essential to your day-to-day function as the contract itself. Let’s be honest, if such flexibility didn’t matter, we’d go back to carving those important documents in stone.

This is why we have added MODIFICATIONS to the Veristo platform. The addition of modifications allows the creator to easily tweak a contract, even if it has been signed. This is especially convenient when the action is something small like adding exhibits or attachments.

To create a modification to an existing contract, simply follow these steps:

    1. Open up contract
    2. Click “Add Modification"
    3. Create a file name for the updated document, then choose the sections to rework.
    4. Once you have completed your tweaks, click “Create Modification.”
    5. Now within the the collaboration editor you can add new sections, update current sections, add internal team members and again circulate to the other party for review/collaboration/approval and signature.

    The system does not limit modifications. In fact, for each alteration, you can use previously modified data to create the next..All modifications are linked and stacked in sequential order of creation.

    It’s quite simple - Change is Good. We are listing to our members and are always focused and looking ahead to improve your Veristo experience. Have an idea? Our team wants to hear it. Reach out to me directly: mark@veristo.com