More for Small Businesses and Freelancers to Love!

More for Small Businesses and Freelancers to Love!

What’s the latest with Veristo?

We’ve been making A LOT of changes to help freelancers and the small businesses that leverage an extended workforce get even more done, faster.

For businesses – small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and large enterprises – we’ve added more cost-saving and time-saving tools and templates for freelancer and vendor management, including:

      • A new freelancer onboarding platform;
      • New contract templates; and
      • Updated RFP templates.

For freelancers, we’ve added a new feature that was most requested… the ability to create your own contracts for your clients to sign. So, you can look more professional and win more business!   

In addition, all of you freelancers will benefit from:

      • The new freelancer onboarding platform;
      • New contract templates;
      • Updated proposal templates; and
      • Updated invoice templates.

What’s special about our new onboarding platform?

It allows for streamlined, comprehensive freelancer engagement from registration to W-9 form completion and from freelancer contracting to work tasking.

The result?

Veristo continues to add more features to deliver value for you as the top extended workforce RFP, proposal, contract & invoice integrated software platform for businesses and freelancers.

Improved Dashboards

Improved Dashboards

In the real world of business, the power to change can never be underestimated. The ability to listen and improve separates ideas and reality. For the Veristo team, this is an integral part of our cycle: We launch. We listen. We execute. This means our users have a truly integrated and flexible platform that works for them.

Let’s be honest - tracking the day-to-day responsibilities of a small business can be cumbersome. We had you in mind as we improved the Veristo Dashboard:

    • Start Something New
      • Get started on those contracts, requests, proposals or invoices with just a click.
    • Upcoming Work
      • Get a glance of the items YOU need to handle fast. From a contract that needs signed to a request that needs reviewed and from a proposal that needs drafted to an invoice that needs submitted (so you can get paid for your great work!) with the Upcoming Work view, you capture an overview of your urgent and timely tasks.
    • Recent Activity
      • This “in app” view captures your activity within Veristo, including comment notifications, invitation acceptances, or any other item you can execute in Veristo.
    • Single View
      • Now you can integrate your work within Veristo. Our new single view feature combines any work you have created within Versito into a single view, no matter who you are working for or with. This means, as you work with multiple companies, (like most of us do!), you have a single view within Veristo to track the business of doing business.
    • Sub dashboards
      • Now, with sub dashboards you can filter to find any document you seek that you created using various filters for each sub dashboard.

We appreciate your feedback and stay tuned - we have more updates coming in late February!

New Year. Improved Veristo. Introducing Veristo Networks.

New Year. Improved Veristo. Introducing Veristo Networks.

By now, you’ve shaken off the holiday season food coma and are running on all cylinders.

So, what’s new this January with Veristo?

Networks – with both controlled, private networks and open, public networks.

What do the new Veristo Networks mean for you? More opportunity to work efficiently without additional costs.

With the Veristo Network, you can:

  • Establish a Private Networks - If you run a small or medium size business, you know how important having a simple way to communicate with your freelancers and vendors is to your day-to-day business operations. Now you do! Simply set up a private Network in Veristo for your business, invite your vendors and freelancers to join, and efficiently post new opportunities, find interested parties, and move to RFPs, proposals or contracts straight away!
  • Create Open Networks - If you are a freelancer or vendor, you understand having access to a free public forum to join with other vendors and freelancers around a common topic will assist with generating more work.

With Networks by Veristo, you can! Create a public Veristo Network and invite colleagues – geared around your specialty, your expertise, or your community – to share thoughts, collaborate and, ultimately, get more work. All free of charge with your Veristo subscription!

If you feel like traditional vendor management systems are too much, and you are tired of freelance marketplaces charging a premium for access, you’ll love Veristo and its new Networks functionality that help you work more efficiently.

Ready to get to work?

Sign up today, access Networks here, or email us at